I have been a user of Xtext from its early days back at openArchitectureWare. With Xtexts move to Eclipse I became more and more a power user of Xtext, in particular answering a ton of questions in the Xtext forum and building fancy DSLs in multiple (customer) projects. In 2016 I started committing regularly and in 2018 I also started leading Xtext as Co-Lead. In the past years I tried my very best to keep Xtext alive and maintained as part of my job and beyond. And I kept doing so until today. But now the time has come to set out for new shores: I will be leaving itemis end of the month and with the job change Xtext no longer will be part of my day job.

What impact will this have for Xtext?

  • I won’t drop the pen immediately, but as Xtext will be pure spare time joy, the time i will be able to invest will be heavily reduced.
  • Responsiveness to Questions/Bugs in Github or Forum will be slower
  • Xtext will rely more on the community / Xtext using companies for bugfixes and support for new features like support for new Java versions or dependency bumps / adaption of platform/jdt changes.
  • As in the past you all are invited to contribute.
  • If you have any questions feel free to approach me.

What will I do in the future?

  • I can’t talk about that yet, but I will stay participating the modeling-sphere.

Final words: I want to thank itemis and specially Holger for giving me the opportunity to work on Xtext and Sebastian for the good sparring we had and for all the effort he spent supporting me, as well as the other Xtext team members at itemis, other committers and the community for the good cooperation & time we had.